Roseplan Accounting

Helping you to decide on and order a basic accounting system.

Under the self assessment legislation (which now applies to small limited companies as well as self employed persons & partnerships) basic accounting records must be maintained or Inland Revenue penalties will be incurred. We have developed a systematic approach for all clients to enable you to comply with the legislation and also to save annual accounting fees. By using our recommended approach you will also be able to help yourself to minimise your taxes by maximising your deductible expenses.


What Roseplan accounts systems can do for you.

Roseplan accounting systems are based on an Excel workbook. Our system costs less than generally available accounting books and small accounting packages such as Quickbooks, Sage Instant etc. You do not need any accounting skills to use our system but a knowledge of Excel is necessary for the Roseplan computer based system. The systems help you to organise your accounting records from day 1 of your business and, as it is much easier to process well kept records, our annual charges to you will be very competitive. As the Inland Revenue,under self assessment , now insist on all transactions being recorded and for Limited Companies, basic accounting records are a legal requirement, our support will help you to ensure that you are able to record all your expenditure and maximise tax reliefs. The systems also include a facility to record VAT, if necessary, and include a VAT return summary. If you decide to adopt our Excel based system, you will also be able to E-mail us your workbook as an attachment or send us a copy on USB plug or disk..


Other Accounting systems & packages

If you do not wish to use our accounting packages, we are quite happy to support and develop your existing records and to interface with most commercially available computerised accounting packages..


1Roseplan system costs

Roseplan accounting system, incorporating the accounting manuals:

This system costs £40 plus VAT of £8,total £48. Please arrange a bank transfer or send your cheque with your order. If you would like any further information, please contact us on (01189) 787561 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.